Girls Interested in Robotics Lego and Scratch

Girls Interested in Rapidly Learning Software (GIRLS) is a face-to-face and online hybrid workshop for middle school girls to learn the basics of programming and get hands-on experience with different programming languages. The middle school girls learn about the building blocks of an algorithm in addition to hands on experience in Snap, Scratch, C++, Java or SWIFT programming. In this program the girls are instructed by female university female students who aim to inspire the girls and give them confidence in their ability to join computer-related fields. At the end of the program, the girls show their parents what they have learned in hope of inspiring them as well.

“GIRLS” is being launched as a pilot program to gain the knowledge of what works well and what does not when it comes to getting young girls of West Virginia interested in computers. With the knowledge gained from this program, programs in larger scale will be launched to inspire more girls in West Virginia in computing.

We hope that the hands-on experience programming may make some girls realize that computing is something they are interested in making a career out of. Many of us women in Computer Science wish that we had strong female role models to look up to when we were younger so we want to be that role model for the girls participating in our workshop. We want them and their parents to understand that Computer Science and related fields are not for boys only. We hope to mentor them, give them confidence in their own abilities, and inspire them to be whatever they want to be without the fear of being inadequate.

The “GIRLS” program” is sponsored by National Center for Women & Technology (NCWIT).

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